A pregnant British-Asian teenager has been found knifed to death in her Manchester home in what witnesses are saying is a clear case of an “honour killing”. According to The Sun, Sana Ali, 17, was found with stab wounds to her chest and stomach after a frenzied attack in her bedroom.

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British and US officials today denied a report that the US was seeking ways of imposing entry restrictions for visiting Britons of Pakistani origin, following a spate of UK bomb plots involving citizens with links to Pakistan. The report in the New York Times, quoted unnamed British officials as saying that the US had put several options on the table, including a cancellation of the existing visa waiver programme, which allows British tourists to visit without a visa, or a requirement that British Pakistanis would have to apply for visas.

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“Hustlers HC were the first Sikh rap crew to come out of the U.K. with a strong socio-political message, they did much to bridge religious divides in the Asian community as well as creating much respect for Sikhs in the Rap fraternity. Hustlers HC were also responsible, along with DJ Ritu, for organizing and maintaining one of the first and most respected Asian club nights in London, Bombay Jungle at the Wag Club.” (

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The Indian professionals, working in United Kingdom, are getting continuous blows by the British government on the matter of visa. In a new setback to thousands of Indian professionals working in Britain under the Highly Skilled Migrant Programme (HSMP) visas are on the verge of facing deportation from UK now.

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Retired Gurkha soldiers from Nepal who served in the British army have held a demonstration in London to demand full pensions and other rights. About 2,500 veterans joined a march on parliament to condemn what they say are unfair rights for retired Gurkhas. It was announced earlier in March that citizenship rights and better pensions would apply only to serving Gurkhas and those who had retired after 1997.

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FUN-DA-MENTAL have been described as the Asian Public Enemy, and their new album, ‘Seize The Time’, has been hailed as the most awesome collision between hip hop, noise and polemic since ‘Fear Of A Black Planet’. Two good reasons why we decided to catch F-D-M in action. Some people think Fun-Da-Mental are a bit extreme. But then, if racial attacks against my people had gone up 300 per cent in the East End this year alone, if my country had had its thriving textile industry broken up by the invading colonialist power so as not to threaten their own industrial revolution (as happened in India), if I originated from a hemisphere that had been economically bloodsucked, starved, exploited for hundreds of years, if I wasn’t welcome in my own country, I’d feel a bit extreme, too.

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A failed asylum seeker from Nepal who set himself on fire prior to an appeal hearing has died in hospital. Robina Qureshi, director of Positive Action in Housing, said: “Uddhav Bhandari spent six years trying to seek refuge here and bring his wife and two kids over to this country. Forbidden to find paid work, he worked as a volunteer. Last night, he died alone in hospital a few days after setting fire to himself.”

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