The US-India Agricultural Knowledge Initiative agreement on agriculture will cast a demonising spell over the country and is bound to cause large scale plunder of the agro-rural society and definitely tend to capitalize on our living, life pattern, culture and social norms. Already much maligned, misconceived and utterly irrelevant Second Green Revolution is a clever ploy to promote the interest of multinationals. The Companies like Monsanto, Wall-Mart etc. is on the board of US-India Agricultural Knowledge Initiative Agreement to monitor agricultural research, education and dissemination and exchange of knowledge between US and India.

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How many of you wear gold?

Apparently, gold is an “Indian passion.” Back in 2005, the Christian Science Monitor reported that “India’s costly love affair with gold” was “weighing down” the economy. And really, look around you: aunties, mothers, grandmothers, and sisters wear some object of gold. Prior to a shaadi, what is the bride-to-be presented with? Gold jewelry. Whatever the sources are for this consumption of gold and diamonds, few people know where the diamonds come from and what are the effects of wearing gold.

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Ever since Chand Muni’s son and her three nephews belonging to the Nat community were beaten to death for allegedly stealing buffaloes in Ara village of Bihar, the lives of Muni and her daughter-in-law have gone from bad to worse. The shopkeepers in the village refuse to give them ration, their house was burnt down, and no compensation has come their way.

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RANCHI, India – Street vendors armed with iron rods and sticks attacked three stores owned by Reliance Industries Ltd. on Saturday, injuring around a dozen people in a protest against the large food retailer. It was one of the most serious cases of unrest linked to the entrance of large, glitzy retail chains into India’s fragmented $200 billion food and grocery sector, which small shop owners see as a threat to their customers.

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FARM SUICIDES in Maharashtra rose by over 354 per cent between 1995 and 2003. That’s if the data of the National Crime Records Bureau are anything to go by. Strictly speaking they are not, being gross under-estimates. They draw from local machinery, which from region to region leaves out thousands from the lists of farm suicides. Yet, they still present a clear trend — a painful one. Even these twisted numbers show that farm suicides went up from 1,083 in 1995 to 3,836 eight years later.

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There’s been another major development in the Public Interest Litigation (PIL) brought by Aruna Rodrigues and three co-Petitioners before India’s Supreme Court. Over 6.5 million farmers from every state in India are asking the Supreme Court to let them join the case before the Court, saying GM crops risk irreversibly damaging India’s farmland and biodiversity.

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The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has withdrawn a campaign VCD intended for the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. The VCD, featuring blatantly anti-Muslim filth, was withdrawn within a day of release. Journalist Siddharth Varadarajan has translated some excerpts and posted them on his blog. Please do read his transcript, it’s worth a look…

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