The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has withdrawn a campaign VCD intended for the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. The VCD, featuring blatantly anti-Muslim filth, was withdrawn within a day of release. Journalist Siddharth Varadarajan has translated some excerpts and posted them on his blog. Please do read his transcript, it’s worth a look…

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In November 1984, following the assassination of Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, almost 3,000 Sikhs were slaughtered and burnt to death in Delhi,. Witnesses and survivors of these killing categorically indicted the Delhi Police and some leaders of the Congress (I) for permitting the mobs to kill with impunity. 23 years later the families of the victims are still awaiting justice. The C.B.I. has filed an Appeal filed before the Delhi High Court, against the acquittal of Congress (I) M.P. Sajjan Kumar, in a case pertaining to the murder of one Nevin Singh husband of Anwar Kaur on 1st November, 1984 at Sultanpuri in North – West Delhi.

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Today marks the 76th Anniversary of Bhagat Singh’s Martyrdom. Below is an article by Vidya Bhushan Rawat that challenges many who try to allign themselves with the ideals of Bhagat Singh:

Bhagat Singh wanted a radical change in our system and would not have been satisfied with a mere transfer of power. It is absolutely demeaning when Bhagat Singh is referred as a terrorist and some of the commentators from our neighboring countries made comparison of attack on the Parliament with that on the Lahore Assembly. Our younger generation must know what Bhagat Singh stood for and therefore need to challenge such malicious writings which club a revolutionary with religious fanatics. It would be the travesty of truth if people like Bhagat Singh are bracketed with the religious fundamentalist.

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Police in India’s Gujarat state killed an innocent Muslim man in a staged gun battle, the authorities have admitted. They then accused him of plotting to assassinate state Chief Minister Narendra Modi, the Supreme Court heard. The innocent man, Sohrabuddin Sheikh, was shot dead by anti-terrorist personnel in the state’s largest city, Ahmadabad, in 2005.

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Tattered blood-green flag: secularism in crisis

Last winter, I was filming a follow-up to an earlier project, Muslims or Heretics. With the first kuasha of the season had come, like clockwork, a new program of anti-Ahmadiya rallies. Khatme Nabuwat, now splintered into two groups, had announced yet another gherao of the Bokshibazaar mosque. The anti-Ahmadiya rallies were on Friday (baad jumma, a toxic mix of misinterpreted khutbas and hate speech). The secularists announced a counter-rally — on Thursday. At the Thursday rally, I found myself the lone cameraman; but on Friday I was joined by scores of others: stringers for AP, BBC, the usual suspects.

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Those Behind the Gujarat Anti-Muslim Pogrom are Still Running the State

Five years ago this week, across the Indian state of Gujarat, the stormtroopers of the Hindu right, decked in saffron sashes and armed with swords, tridents, sledgehammers and liquid gas cylinders, launched a pogrom against the local Muslim population. They looted and torched Muslim-owned businesses, assaulted and murdered Muslims, and gang-raped and mutilated Muslim women. By the time the violence spluttered to a halt, about 2,500 Muslims had been killed and about 200,000 driven from their homes.

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Blackened FridayBy Farzana Versey

“Shiiit, we missed the blast!” I turned to look at the late entrant into the cinema hall. He carried a rucksack and was with a friend; they appeared to have just returned from college. They must have been around 18 years old.

The film was ‘Black Friday’, touted as one of the most realistic films ever made in India. It traces the journey from the bomb blasts of 1993 to the trail of the culprits, the enquiries and the evidence. For the teenager, the “Shiiit, we missed the blast” is not only about the first one shown on screen. He missed the real one. This is history for him. History is irrelevant.

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