March 2007

For the last few years I have heard about the stories of Indo-Canadian players and coaches in Surrey feeling discomfort and the perception of unfair treatment and perceived power dynamics within the Surrey Soccer Association (SSA) which sadly have robbed some kids of experiencing the true spirit of soccer. I wish to expose three examples of how rules have been informally applied and seem to impose certain handicaps on some coaches which seems to be further aggravated by the fact that they are Indo-Canadian.

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The Indian professionals, working in United Kingdom, are getting continuous blows by the British government on the matter of visa. In a new setback to thousands of Indian professionals working in Britain under the Highly Skilled Migrant Programme (HSMP) visas are on the verge of facing deportation from UK now.

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Amnesty International says the human rights situation in two South Asian countries – Sri Lanka and Bangladesh – has deteriorated in recent years. The human rights watchdog says that in Bangladesh people promoting human rights are under attack, while in Sri Lanka an escalated ethnic conflict has resulted in the killings and disappearances of many civilians. Anjana Pasricha reports from New Delhi, where Amnesty has two reports.

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In November 1984, following the assassination of Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, almost 3,000 Sikhs were slaughtered and burnt to death in Delhi,. Witnesses and survivors of these killing categorically indicted the Delhi Police and some leaders of the Congress (I) for permitting the mobs to kill with impunity. 23 years later the families of the victims are still awaiting justice. The C.B.I. has filed an Appeal filed before the Delhi High Court, against the acquittal of Congress (I) M.P. Sajjan Kumar, in a case pertaining to the murder of one Nevin Singh husband of Anwar Kaur on 1st November, 1984 at Sultanpuri in North – West Delhi.

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Pakistan’s best known English language newspaper, the Dawn, has hit out at President Musharraf over his government’s “increasingly intolerant” attitude towards the press. The move comes not long after the General’s recent volte-face over police ransacking of the country’s biggest broadcaster Geo TV. Musharraf is said to be facing one of the biggest challenges to his leadership since coming to power in 1999.

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Retired Gurkha soldiers from Nepal who served in the British army have held a demonstration in London to demand full pensions and other rights. About 2,500 veterans joined a march on parliament to condemn what they say are unfair rights for retired Gurkhas. It was announced earlier in March that citizenship rights and better pensions would apply only to serving Gurkhas and those who had retired after 1997.

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Danyal Shafiq arrived (in Australia) by boat in September 1999 and says he fled Bangladesh. For the past seven-and-a-half years he has been in immigration detention, mostly in detention centres, and for the past year in community detention in Adelaide. Mr Andrews has used his public interest power to grant him what is called a Removal Pending Bridging Visa. The visa ends Mr Shafiq’s detention and gives him the right to work, but still allows for his deportation if the Government decides so.

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