Mainstream Media Freak Out on “Indo-Canadian” Angle Once Again

When a murder takes place in the Indo-Canadian community there is an instant double reaction – ONE, ‘oh no, the mainstream media is going to go ballistic once again and portray the whole community as a violent lot;’ and, TWO, ‘something’s got to be done about this problem, whether it is gang-related or an act of violence against women.’

So when I was interviewed by CBC Radio’s Rick Cluff on Friday morning (along with Indira Prahst of Langara College) on the latest murder – that of 33-year-old Amanpreet Kaur Bahia of Surrey – I was glad to hear from some mainstream guys that they were happy I had, after admitting that there was a problem in the community, pointed out that violence against women is not confined to Indo-Canadians – it is a problem in EVERY community and we all need to deal with it.

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