The right’s only objection to MF Husain’s depictions of Hindu deities is that they are made by a Muslim, says Salil Tripathi

As you enter London’s netherworld — its labyrinthine underground subway system — you will notice large images of a Hindu deity, looking sinuous and sensual, cavorting cheerfully and wearing almost no clothes at all. There are other posters nearby, of sexy women advertising perfumes or holidays, wearing almost as little as the god in the poster, but the god wins hands down in attracting your attention.

More unusually, nobody from London’s neo-hypersensitive Hindu community has expressed any criticism or outrage over the nearly-naked image of the Hindu god staring at almost 2.5 million commuters daily. This is surprising. I remember last year, when Asia House — a gallery near Oxford Street in central London — hosted an exhibition of paintings, which included some canvases of nude Hindu deities, a self-styled Hindu human rights organisation (and the so-called Hindu Forum in Britain, claiming to speak for the 700,000 Hindus who live in the country), protested immediately, and forced the gallery to cancel the exhibition.

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