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North American Network for Democratic Republic of Nepal (NANDRON)

Press Release – February 5, 2007

North American Network for Democratic Republic of Nepal (NANDRON) is deeply concerned over the violent situation in Terai and expresses its solidarity with the common people of Terai, and renounces the violence and infiltration of the regressive forces in peaceful agitation launched by Madhesi people demanding their rightful place in Nepal’s political system. It is obvious that regressive monarchical forces are trying to reestablish themselves through infiltration in the movement by jeopardizing the upcoming Constituent Assembly Elections. We demand immediate isolation of the infiltrators and opening up of dialogue with genuine leaders leading the Madhesi movement.

NANDRON urges Nepal government to fulfill the genuine demands of Terai communities and immediately declare Nepal as Democratic Republic with Federal Governance System, paving way to the Constituent Assembly’s election. We also demand the implementation of the comprehensive peace agreement and announcement of the CA election date immediately.

NANDRON supports inclusive and participatory governance through proportional representation with equal participation of all ethnicities in the affairs of state. At this historic juncture, when it appears possible to build Nepal as a promised land for all, unity, understanding and trust among all ethnicity, and linguistic groups, are paramount. Let us vouch for the national integrity.

NANDRON demands the Rayamajhi Commission Report be made public and fully implemented immediately as recommended by the Commission. We would like to draw the attention of all the lawmakers in the interim legislature that the Non-resident Nepalese be not deprived of voting rights in this historic event of the Constituent Assembly’s election for the establishment of a New Nepal.

The North American Network for Democratic Republic of Nepal (NANDRON) is an advocacy and watchdog organization acting as a common forum for all Nepali expatriates and friends of Nepal living in North America with one of its primary objectives being advocacy and awareness campaigns to help the political parties, civil society, and people of Nepal pursuing for the establishment of a popular, inclusive and representative democratic republican system in the country.

Dr. Chitra Tiwari
United State of America
Washington DC