Parzania has been released, but there are some questions about if it will be seen in Gujarat, the state in which the genocidal violence that the film exposes was orchestrated by the state government.

Although, in Gujarat, the film was Censored by the mob… again”, recent reports suggest that “Multiplexes may screen Parzania after February 9th”.

Cinema at its Very Best… (A Review of Parzania)

For long the distributors dithered over the fate of “Parzania”, an insightful essay on the 2002 Gujarat pogrom. The Censors too took time clearing the film that relates the true story of a Parsi teenager who was separated from his mother as goons burnt down the predominantly Muslim Gulbarga housing society in Ahmedabad, killing and looting with police complicity. Director Rahul Dholakia had to wait a couple of years but he never gave up; never gave in. Result?

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