January 2007

Eight parties to hold urgent dialogue on the Terai violence

KATHMANDU – The violence severely sparked in the Terai after the legislature promulgated the interim constitution. Some political commentators are hinting that it is a plan among some elements of royalists and Indian and Nepalese Hindu nationalists who are not happy with the enactment of the Nepal´s new constitution, possibly enjoying either tacit or explicit US support.

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Parzania has been released, but there are some questions about if it will be seen in Gujarat, the state in which the genocidal violence that the film exposes was orchestrated by the state government.

Although, in Gujarat, the film was Censored by the mob… again”, recent reports suggest that “Multiplexes may screen Parzania after February 9th”.

Cinema at its Very Best… (A Review of Parzania)

For long the distributors dithered over the fate of “Parzania”, an insightful essay on the 2002 Gujarat pogrom. The Censors too took time clearing the film that relates the true story of a Parsi teenager who was separated from his mother as goons burnt down the predominantly Muslim Gulbarga housing society in Ahmedabad, killing and looting with police complicity. Director Rahul Dholakia had to wait a couple of years but he never gave up; never gave in. Result?

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Indo-Canadian residents vow to continue fight for bigger houses

SURREY – New Indo-Canadian residents of north Surrey vowed to continue their battle for bigger homes after city council voted Monday for the second time in five weeks in favour of smaller house sizes in the area. Kamaljit Singh Thind said he will go back to the St. Helen’s Park neighbourhood to try to get more support for zoning that would favour his position.

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Wedding and War in Galilee

By Sunaina Maira

A view of the emerging India-Israel-US axis, from a wedding in Palestine with Israeli helicopters whirring above, to Indian towns filled with Israeli soldiers looking for Shanti, to deportations and surveillance in the U.S.

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Hundreds Protest Novartis Challenge to Patent Law
Associated Press

NEW DELHI — Hundreds of Indian activists protested in New Delhi on Monday against a challenge to the country’s patent law by Swiss pharmaceutical giant Novartis, saying the move could leave millions without access to affordable medicine.

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Quarter of a Million People Urge Novartis To Drop Case Against India

Company Would Effectively be Shutting Down the “Pharmacy of the Developing World”

New Delhi/Geneva, 29 January 2007 – As pharmaceutical company Novartis proceeded with its legal challenge against the Indian government in a court hearing in Chennai, India, today, nearly a quarter of a million people from over 150 countries expressed their concern about the negative impact the company’s actions could have on access to medicines in developing countries. The Indian Network for People with HIV/AIDS (INP+), the People’s Health Movement, the Centre for Trade and Development (Centad), together with the international medical humanitarian organization Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF), called on the company again today to immediately cease its legal action in India.

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January 24, 2007

Asian Human Rights Center presented a note from Balochistan about hundreds of political and human rights activists who are missing. While this note is dated (Nov 2006), it is still relevant since many of these activists are still missing and such actions by the government have become the norm even while it continues to talk about peace and human rights with international agencies.

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Special Correspondent

KOLKATA: Trouble broke out at different points leading to Singur in Hooghly district on Sunday when activists of the Trinamool Congress-led Krishi Jami Raksha (Save Farmland) Committee clashed with the police. The police prevented the activists from going to the Tata Motors’ project site.

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