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South Asian Network for Secularism and Democracy (SANSAD), comprising people from all walks of life in the South Asian Diaspora in British Columbia, Canada, organized a Roundtable on the current crisis in Pakistan. The following is a list conclusions arrived at during this meeting.



A 23-year-old Indian American is making a name for himself among the immigrant community by campaigning against discrimination and racism. It was after 9/11 that Prateek Sampat began hearing about Pakistani Americans who were deported en masse. Sampat also works with the Non-Military Alternative Project, which targets high school students to impress upon them that military service is not the only way to finance an education.

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A dogfight between Indo-Canadian veterinarians and the organization that enforces standards of practice for all vets in British Columbia ended up on the steps of the legislature Wednesday. A protest spokesman said the veterinary association is targeting the Indo-Canadian vets because they charge lower service fees than their counterparts. The Indo-Canadian vets practise primarily in suburban communities east of Vancouver where their clients are mostly Indo-Canadian.

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The US-India Agricultural Knowledge Initiative agreement on agriculture will cast a demonising spell over the country and is bound to cause large scale plunder of the agro-rural society and definitely tend to capitalize on our living, life pattern, culture and social norms. Already much maligned, misconceived and utterly irrelevant Second Green Revolution is a clever ploy to promote the interest of multinationals. The Companies like Monsanto, Wall-Mart etc. is on the board of US-India Agricultural Knowledge Initiative Agreement to monitor agricultural research, education and dissemination and exchange of knowledge between US and India.

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How many of you wear gold?

Apparently, gold is an “Indian passion.” Back in 2005, the Christian Science Monitor reported that “India’s costly love affair with gold” was “weighing down” the economy. And really, look around you: aunties, mothers, grandmothers, and sisters wear some object of gold. Prior to a shaadi, what is the bride-to-be presented with? Gold jewelry. Whatever the sources are for this consumption of gold and diamonds, few people know where the diamonds come from and what are the effects of wearing gold.

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Just two years after a white teenager assaulted an elderly Indo-Canadian man (73-year-old Baghel Randhawa) in Delta and a white teenager and a mixed race teenager brutally attacked and killed two Indo-Canadians (Mewa Singh Bains, 82, and Shingara Singh Thandi, 76) in two separate assaults in Surrey’s Bear Creek Park, four white teenagers in Abbotsford on Tuesday (May 29) hurled racial slurs and stones at an elderly Indo-Canadian couple, injuring the woman.

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Gen Musharraf is facing an unprecedented challenge to his rule President Pervez Musharraf has signed into immediate effect measures to increase control over the media. Current regulations related to television have been extended to the internet and mobile phones. Some regulations on who is allowed to be licensed to broadcast in Pakistan have been extended to cover “any foreign non-governmental organisation”.

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